Creamy herb soup with yellow snails and musky green sponge cake, romaine and wasabi fondue – 295

Verbena -scented lobster bisque served with pineapple – 430

Traditional onion soup – 370


Beef tartare with mediterranean vegetables, herbs and marinated lemon – 620

Ocean oyster terrine with shallot confit, red wine gelée and spinach – 690

Cod and artichoke brandade napoleon with confit tomato vinaigrette – 820

Melted Reblochon cheese with pan-seared potatoes, black truffles and pancetta – 730

Brittany sardine terrine with marinated cucumber and miso gelée – 975

Foie gras royale with Burgundy-style blackcurrant chutney and liquorice sponge cake – 1230


Pan-seared scallops served with Ibérico lomo, Jerusalem artichokes and watercress salad – 1690

Roasted Maine lobster with a smoked pepper and cuttlefish medley, snow peas and Chorizo foam – 1850

Heart of cod served with Yanagi Matsutake mushrooms, sea snails and pea hummus – 1570

Fine Pike mousse, slow-cooked salsify, apple and fish jus – 1070


Pan-seared Kamui beef fillet served with porcini and walnut purée and olive-scented – 2550

Stuffed sous-vide quail with braised garden vegetables – 1070

Grilled duck foie gras with endives, sweetcorn and grapefruit and smoked tea consommé – 1520

Black truffle white pudding, pear purée, caramelized shallots and spring onions -1700

Pan-seared fillet of venison served with parsnip purée, glazed chestnuts, Salicornia and sea urchin foam – 1990


Traditional onion soup-370

64°C duck egg served with pumpkin crème brûlée, balsamic mirror and rocket salad emulsion – 380

Baked wild mushroom and spring onion ravioli served with green asparagus – 670


3 pieces for 470 or 5 pieces for 720

Layered choux pastry filled with hazelnut cream

Pear declination and almond Florentine

Strawberry and basil vacherin

Coconut bavarois and exotic fruits salad

Chocolate and avocado entremet

Mille-feuille “Napoleon”

Rose ice cream in crystalized rose petals

Chocolate soufflé